The Good Things Collective (formerly The Exchange Creative Community) is a community-driven creative hub that uses the arts and creativity as a means to improve individual and collective wellbeing, learning and enterprise locally. Our activities harness local talents and energy as well as the benefits of collaboration and sharing. Increasingly we understand our role and impact in providing a home and anchor for local creativity, ideas and innovation to flourish and grow.

We are an ambitious, creative and community-led organisation based in Morecambe; born of a love for the area and the people in it. 

As an organisation, we run a range of projects, courses, events and activities with a growing number of local, national and international partners.  


to create a self sustaining and community led ecosystem that will support ongoing social, cultural and economic growth that benefits the community in and around Morecambe.


  1. Building Community – increasing connectedness and resilience; creating a culture of warmth and belonging.

  2. Community-led – Our community members have a say and a stake in The Exchange

  3. Accessible, inclusive and welcoming to all

  4. Creative - Recognise and value to important role art and creativity has to play in our everyday lives

  5. Passionate & Aspirant – We have the courage to shape a better future using drive and commitment to energize, engage and inspire others.

  6. Authentic and Meaningful - Providing experiences to support personal growth and community development

  7. Sustainability – We are working towards a self-sufficient future

Join Us

The Good Things Collective is a growing community business that acts to improve creative facilities and opportunities in an inclusive and accessible way.  We’d like to see our patch recognised for its skills, talents and kindness which have long been under-appreciated. We believe the arts and creative activity can bring people together with a wide range of positive benefits.

In December 2020 our request to Companies House to rename as the Good Things Collective (departing from the Exchange Creative Community CIC) and evolve from a Small Membership CIC to a Large Membership CIC was approved. This means that our growing community of movers and shakers across the local area will be able to apply to become members of the organisation - giving people a real say and stake, as we continue to grow.

Company number: 09672869

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