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Creative Exchange
Friday 21st May - Thursday 24th June 


Having a sense of belonging within the Exchange is a common experience for us which we all need and hold very dear.  Over the course of the pandemic we all felt an estranged sense of disconnection which prompted the idea for creative collaborations as away of bringing people together.  With the mark of our rebrand from The Exchange into the Good Things Collective we came up with the 'Creative Exchange' exhibition proposal as a way of building relationships, fostering collaboration and of telling our collective stories - looking at where we've come from and where we're heading.

As part of this process there were 2 ways to get involved for people 1/creating a community profile and 2/ option to opt in to  working on a 5 week creative skills exchange project with a member of the community whilst following Covid-19 safety guidelines.

This was an open call for anyone who:

  1. Believes in the creative community-led movement and considers themselves a part of the journey to date

  2. Wants to support the arts and creativity

  3. Would like to establish their involvement moving forward

  4. Minimise isolation and improve wellbeing

  5. Buddy up with another person to develop an exhibition piece/pieces

  6. Build relationships through artistic practice

To book a time to come and view the exhibition in person, please contact Rosie (

Times available on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 11am and 4pm @ The Good Things Studio, Morecambe Arndale.

Exhibition Video 

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