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file name parameter This question was already answered but it does not fully satisfy my requirements A: In Python the correct (and relatively simple) way is to use the following method: from zipfile import ZipFile def unzip_file(path, output_path): with ZipFile(path, 'r') as archive: for entry in archive.namelist(): if entry.endswith(".txt"): archive.extract(entry, output_path) I ended up using import zipfile zip_file = zipfile.ZipFile("C:\Users\Users\Desktop\", "r") zip_file.extractall("C:\Users\test\Desktop\File.txt") zip_file.close() And it works perfectly M. A. 2008,, 688, 1210 Zhao, J.-H., & Fazio, G.G. 2014, ApJ, 790, 145 (Z14) [^1]: [^2]: [^3]: [^4]: This file was published in the KEPLER-M2-M3-T2-DCT-3-P2 catalog of planetary systems that will be available soon at Q: iOS - Get video from URL and use in the MPMoviePlayerController I am very new to iOS development and just started working on video processing. I am using MPMoviePlayerController. I have saved video from the URL in "Documents" and when I am trying to play it, it is getting crashed. This is how I am doing: NSString *




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Long Path Tool Download With Crack
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