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Over the years we have created a multitude of hireables with our community

 and we have a wide range of talents!

Many of our hireables are designed with festivals and fetes in mind, that doesn't mean we're not versatile! 


Putt By Numbers

A pop-up golf course, each hole was made by an artist who worked with a community group.

The combined efforts of over 100 people!

Perfect for festivals, fêtes and company picnics.

Luck of the Draw

An analogue photobooth, a cross between a confessional and a caricature.

Sit in the booth and out pops a portrait! 

Handmade games


Bespoke Signage

Hand painted using traditional techniques, we can create signage to suit your style. From classical to modern.


Need someone to speak to a community and don't know where to start? If we've learnt anything over the past 5 years, it's how to 


An analogue photobooth ...