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Over the years we have created a multitude of hireables with our community

 and we have a wide range of talents!

Many of our hireables are designed with festivals and fetes in mind, that doesn't mean we're not versatile! 

All of our hireables are easy to set up, fun to do and can be taken nearly anywhere.

For enquiries please email and let us know which games you're interested in.


Putt By Numbers

A pop-up golf course, each hole was made by an artist who worked with a community group.

The combined efforts of over 100 people!

Perfect for festivals, fêtes and company picnics.

Luck of the Draw

An analogue photobooth, a cross between a confessional and a caricature.

Sit in the booth and out pops a portrait! 

MMD 2019 72dpi-7.jpg
MMD 2019 72dpi-44.jpg
MMD 2019 72dpi-44.jpg

Handmade games

A variety of classic fête games, made from recycled materials. Hook and make and shape a shape (hook a duck but the ducks are puzzle pieces! ), Hoop-la, Bean bag toss. 

Lots of fun, traditional games with a DIY twist.

Bespoke Signage

Hand painted using traditional techniques, we can create signage to suit your style. From classical to modern.

MMD 2019 72dpi-66.jpg

Craft lounge

A fun, relaxed crafty time, using reclaimed materials from our scrap store. We can do anything from making automatons from blocks of wood, to wall hangings from wool or a free for all making jewellery from our bead stash!

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