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Relaunch Weekend commencing Friday 20th May 2016

As we are sure everyone will agree we have outgrown the humble beginnings of 7 West St, and in a similar vain the Writing Room have also. So instead of moving out we are branching out, joining forces and pooling resources! FRIDAY 20th MAY marks a celebration and ventures forward into an exciting new chapter for West St. Things will be knocked down, sanded, painted, scrubbed and re-visioned as we expand into numbers 11 and 13, introducing a shinny new shop, connecting space, an artist studio, enterprise hub, teaching space and community studio. Tickets are priced at £5 for this fundraising event, but not exclusively please donate more generously if you can afford. Look forward to an evening of good grub, tea and cake, mini workshops, raffle, and most importantly a line up of Morecambe's very best creative talents. If you want a slot or have a prize to contribute or would like to get involved in some other way get in touch.

SATURDAY 21st MAY we plan to celebrate some more and announce the new West Street venture officially open! This is not the main fundraiser, it's entirely FREE (obviously if you really want to make a donation we won't quibble). Your chance to poke about, be nosey, ask questions, try things out, make some stuff. Look forward to a fun and friendly afternoon for you or you and your family and friends and probably make some new ones too! If you want bring your skill along on the day to share with others, then you would be most welcome. Sharing local talent is what we're all about! If you'd like to contribute or would like to get involved in some other way get in touch.

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