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Exhibition at The Cornerstone Cafe, Lancaster

Opened May 12th 2016

A very big thank you to the lovely folk at The Cornerstone Cafe for welcoming us into the space and giving us the opportunity to expand the reach of these fabulous artworks. It is looking fab in there if we do say so ourselves!! Go see and grab a brew and brownie while you're at it you wont regret it!

Exhibition Text

For this exhibition we celebrate 7 artists, each on a very different, yet equally valid creative journey. From professional artists to young volunteers and workshop attendees to mural masters, each one has made their mark in The Exchange’s journey so far.

From Left to right:

Nik Ingham - 4 panels, mixed media on board

Kate Sundae - Trip the Light Fantastic, rizograph print

James Attwood - The Ashton, paper cut

Mark Aston - Tree, hand developed photographic print

James Attwood - The Exchange, paper cut

Peter Ford - Feathers Cyanotype, inkjet on watercolour paper print (Limited Edition)

Ana Hjort - Faces, digital collage inkjet on paper

Ellis - Stitched up: The Organic Sewing Machine, acrylic on canvas

For those that have yet to stumble across the West Street Parade, The Exchange is an arts project in the West End of Morecambe. Still in it’s first year, the Exchange is now expanding out across the parade, set to re-open with fresh new opportunities for community members, shoppers, enthusiasts, artists, creative enterprises and more. All profits going directly back in to providing more creative opportunities for the community.

If you would like to purchase any of the artworks or have any enquiries please get in touch! (online shop launching May 20th)

Enquiries to:

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Drop in: 7 West Street, Morecambe, LA3 1RB

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