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Street pARTy

What a weekend of positive, creative energy! Did you make it along to the Victoria Street Press Street pARTy on Saturday on Victoria Street central Morecambe? If not don't worry as the artworks are here to stay and can be enjoyed forever

more! But huge thank you to Deco Publique for making all of this happen in the spirit of Morecambe - what a wonderful lot we are. So many happy, smiling faces and lots of great conversation.

A sea of people came together in celebration of the fantastic artworks that have been cropping up along Victoria Street where a full day 11am-5pm of free art activities for all were pitched in gazebos on the newly laid square - lets see more events like this here please!! - there was mosaic, to paper hat making, chalk drawing, circus skills and tattoo badge making and many more including one part of The Exchange Beki capturing the event in digital portrait form too.

Beki pitched up with help from Ryan and Jules with site specific bunting made by Paula in beautifully selected colour themed fabric with all that was needed a tablet, stylus, wireless printer and washing line with pegs.

These portraits came about from a series that began in the heart of the Westend here at the The Exchange Creative Community. Setting out to document change in the area as more good things began happening, it quickly became evident that the best place to find the truest essence of that change was in the faces of those involved in it. Each of whom are connected in their belief of a bright future for Morecambe. This is a project that began on black and white 35mm film and has developed into hand drawn digital portraits created using a stylus pencil and tablet.

Beki was really keen to see this move in to a wider arena at the Street Party, capturing the energy of the day in this medium and was delighted by the results and hopes to see the project grow too.

Thanks to Bean Photo for these snaps, Beki for the portraits and Deco Publique for inviting us along.

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