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In June, over a two-week period, visitors to The Exchange were invited to produce black and white ‘Morecambe inspired’ illustrations for a series of blank postcards. All of the completed postcards were then displayed at the Exchange. Subsequently, members of the public were asked to vote for their favourites. 224 votes were cast upon 64 entries and seven winners were identified, covering three age categories: over 16, 11-16 and under 11.

Congratulations to the winners!!

Tiffany … (under 11)

Jack Channon (11-16)

Mollie Baxter

Richard Crutchley

Melody Treasure

Julian Abraham

Gail Whitehead

Here the winning postcards, framed and hand screen-printed and copies available to buy in store at The Exchange and also online priced at £1 each or a full set for the bargain price of £5. These postcards mark a new chapter in The Exchange enterprise as we look forward to unveiling more exchange developed products designed and

made by the community, each from morecambe with love.

Go and buy your set now! Available in classic white of brown recycled kraft while stocks last. Each card also hand screenprinted on reverse with artist credit.

All profits from sales of these postcards goes back into the running and delivery of The Exchange creating more creative opportunities in Morecambe's West End.

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