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SS Feb17: Call for Submissions

A Little Story

Last Summer we were approached by a (very) small delegation from the National Gallery of Lilliput. They wondered if we would be interested in staging an Exhibition of work by their most famous artists – the names Minet and Michelinchelo were mentioned.

Naturally we were all very excited and agreed at once. One month later, a toy ship sailed into Morecambe Bay, bearing what was claimed to be three of the grandest paintings in their collection – although each of these was no larger than 9cm in width and 7cm in height. The captain of the ship explained that he would have brought more if it were not for the fact that the additional weight would have sunk the vessel. Accordingly we decided to expand the Lilliputian Exhibition by including the works of local artists and creatives. This Exhibition will take place on the 11th February 2017 at the Exchange.

Artists are invited to produce a work of art for FREE on a mini-canvas – each to be sold at the Exchange, following the Exhibition’s launch , and each for the same price.

PLEASE DON’T sign your name anywhere on the FRONT of your canvas. However, you may sign on the back of the wood frame – avoid writing on the back of the canvas as the names of contributing artists will be attached there on labels – moreover writing might show through. In this way identities will remain a secret until the art is sold – as a result you may become, by good fortune, the proud owner of a Lilliputian masterpiece!

There is no restriction on theme and all mediums are welcome – oil, acrylic, charcoal, watercolour, collage, photography, cyanotype, ceramic, paper cut, glass, mosaic etc. You might even choose to fix an artwork to the surface of the canvas. Travel to the furthest limits of your imagination – and then travel some more!!

All we ask is that the dimensions of your work fit the dimensions of the canvas. It is quite a challenge to produce a piece of art this small – would you like to accept this challenge and take part? If so, we should be overjoyed (in a miniature fashion, of course) to supply you with a canvas. Just call in to the Exchange. Closing date for submissions is 27th January 2017 – NO LATER!

We were all very sad when it came time for the little ship’s crew to return to Lilliput. However their craft had become rather the worse for wear during its tortuous journey to these shores – so Jo mended the mast, Beki painted a new design on the mainsail, the West Street Rattlers wrote sea-shanties for them to sing on the way home, Ros and Wendy re-strung the rigging, Cefn designed a thingamagig which, when wafted in the air, illuminated the night sky with the required navigation charts, while Kirsty, Hazel and the other members of our merry makers ensured the hull was watertight. Oh and Mollie, Peter and Jules delivered paeans of farewell by the sea-wall...although the Lilliputians asked us not to weep at their going as our tears would have fallen like rock-sized rain-drops upon their little ship’s deck...

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