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SS Review: Mini Morecambe Workshop

Lets be honest, it's been Mini Canvas mania down at The Exchange for what seems as long as we can remember, but somehow amongst the recurring deliveries of even more mini canvases due to popular demand, the idea was born for the 'Mini Morecambe' workshop. Such a fantastic response to this call for submissions where we challenged Morecambe's creative masses to lay their imagination upon the 9cm x 7cm mini canvas, only reminded us once again just how great Morecambe is. Out of the 120 given out we were thrilled to get 114 back! Each mini canvas so different and beautifully unique demonstrating the diverse and complex wealth of talent within our community and amongst us every day. Morecambe you should be proud! We certainly are. Morecambe is great! So why wouldn't we want to take a closer look and recreate our wonderful town in miniature, forming the ultimate celebration.

Bipolaroid Photography being so very kind to provide a beautiful array of purpose shot photos on hand for inspiration.

We were lucky enough to get another visit from local filmmaker Boris Seagal. He is becoming quite the regular on West Street now check out his YouTube channel to see other films he has made for us and a vast array of other local projects and initiatives. You are a machine Boris with a big heart, turning films around from shoot to finish in less that 24 hours. Great to see you this weekend. I'm sure a lot of people will be very proud of what they're a part of after seeing this! And a very big well done to Hazel for her excellent lead on this film, so eloquent and articulate there is nothing you can't do! Enjoy!

Photos from the day thanks to Bipolaroid Morecambe.

We will upload photos soon of the finished creations and info unveiling the new products that will be made here at The Exchange inspired by this workshop. Exciting!

It is fair to say the new workshop space West St. Studio was a great success and very well received by all. Looking forward to opening the doors officially in the coming weeks.

Comments from participants:

"Loved the mini Morecambe project and so did 4 year old Phoebe. Well done."

"Thank you all for a fantastic art filled day. We enjoyed creating miniature buildings for the miniature Morecambe . Then loved the miniature canvas exhibition . I'm so excited about the pieces I bought. I'm buzzing!!! Thank you also for making art so accessible to all. You have inspired me to create again and have have the courage to put it out there!!! You are all doing an amazing job of bringing creativity into the community and into peoples lives. Well done!! Can't wait for the next Second Saturday !!!!"

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