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Rosie Tacon-Glass at The Cornerstone

We are most pleased to present another exhibition at our favourite cafe in Lancaster - The Cornerstone, just off Dalton Square on Sulyard Street. Going to see Rosie's exhibition is just one reason of many to go there soon. Photos of the artwork in situ are shown in the gallery below but for a closer look head over to our online shop

A few words from Rosie:

Over the past year I've become particularly interested in sewing and knitting patterns as a collage medium. They represent a mysterious and fascinating practical language that is unfortunately not being traditionally passed on or taught locally anymore. Identity was once created with personalised love and pride, but has now become ever more disposable, using underpaid labour to make up for our lost time and skills.

Layering up the sewing templates exposed an organic visual map, both beautiful in itself and as a guide to my use of paint to make new documents, palimpsests. It’s become an automatic process as I've spent more time working with them.

I’ve developed the process further for a recent commission transforming flood rescued furniture into a permanent living art exhibition in a local bar. I want the furniture to be used, talked about over drinks or meetings, providing inspiration and provoking a curiosity as to the meaning behind their markings. I hope these documents, as if blueprints of fading selves, can be honoured through new decorative purposes.

I’m a community artist. I currently work/volunteer for Creative Support’s North West Mental Health Inclusion Service, The Exchange Creative Community, More Music in Morecambe and The Apothecary Bar & Lounge as Artist in Residence, running therapeutic art workshops. I work alongside other tutors, professionals and people who devote their time to inspirational projects, like The Exchange. The ethos behind the Exchange is to facilitate free accessible creative opportunities to all, by connecting the community via an inspiring cooperative group moulding. I am particularly inspired by this flexible way of collective thinking, which is fully inclusive and where everyone’s ideas matter and are celebrated.

I also work within third sector mental health services, enabling individuals to develop sustainable yet flexible coping mechanisms on a day to day basis. I use a creative approach which is based on working towards short term achievable aims. The emphasis is always centred on avoiding isolation through integration, where possible in the local community.

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