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The Vital Ingredient with Neil Wilson.

This workshop was a bit different for us at the Exchange (as it often is, showcasing such a wide range of local talent). Saturday saw us benefit from Neil's creative and professional expertise, encouraging exploration and reflection using several mediums including fibre tipped pens, clay and paint. Some of which was very kindly captured by Boris Productions in his video of the event, an additional interview with Neil & Bipolaroid Morecambe for the images.

We're consistently getting a wide age group participating in our Second Saturday programme, and as yet, at least half of our participants are from the West End. Something we're keen to keep up. Neil's therapeutic background shone through in his delivery creating a relaxed, open and honest environment where people were encouraged to 'work with what is there' using accidents and surprises as opportunities to take a new path in developing their work.

Some comments from people taking part suggested they managed to lose themselves in the creative process, leaving feeling really relaxed. Some keen to go out and buy clay and keep the creative playing happening! Whilst some people found the workshop evoked some more negative feelings they have commented that it has widened their view and understanding of the creative process. If you haven't been along to a Second Saturday so far, keep your eyes peeled because they book up quick. The workshops have no charge but welcome donations. Massive thanks to Neil for the great experience, we're very excited about the start of this great relationship & really looking forward to the Exhibition launch coming up very soon.

Come join us for a late night exhibition opening of Neil Wilson's current Second Saturday exhibition The Vital Ingredient. After a fantastic Second Saturday opening and workshop there is still chance to come and see the exhibition and meet the artist on the night to discuss his work further and other workshop opportunities. Looking forward to a summers evening on the terrace - we hope you can join us!

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