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'Morecambe Sunshine and a Vat of Water from Morecambe Bay' - World's Largest Cyanotype P

With the growing success of Second Saturdays at The Exchange, combined with the launch of our 'Steeple For The People' fundraising campaign, we're aiming high for September and creating a collaborative artwork that will beat the current world record.

To make a donation and sponsor The Exchange in attempting this challenge please click this link;

Feather by Peter Ford

This cyanotype image,'Feathers' was made by Peter Ford in a workshop run by The Exchange last year (see right).

Mark Aston, alternative photographer and fine artist is currently studying an MA at UCLAN in Preston and has been actively involved in The Exchange for 18 months. September's Second Saturday will present Mark's work and will be unlike any other show we've had. Although excelling in photography, his first love is sculpture. All money from exhibition sales in September will go directly to the artist.

The current world record for the largest Cyanotype photograph is 116.75 square meters. Mark's community workshop for Second Saturdays will involve approximately 50 participants to create a world record-breaking cyanotype of over 120 square metres.

The image will be exposed to sunlight on West End promenade and developed in a large vat of Morecambe sea water. We'll be inviting people to come along, bring their bodies and other items to form silhouettes on top of the large roll of fabric that will be pre-treated with cyanotype photo emulsion. People wanting to take part do not need any experience, just a willingness to commit to being available over the weekend and act quickly when Mark says 'Go'!

This record attempt is part of our 'Steeple For The People' fundraising effort to buy what was previously Trinity Methodist Church as a new venue for The Exchange for years to come. A venue that will serve to accomodate a wide range of community activity and creative opportunities. We will ask for each participant to actively contribute to the fundraising efforts, seeking sponsorship and donations to the 'Steeple for the People' fund. If everyone raised £100 that would be £5000 towards buying the church, but let us not limit ourselves!

If you'd like to take part, please send us your name and contact details by email with 'Steeple For The People' as the subject.

Some of Mark's Portfolio

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