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Help us bring this 'Steeple for the People' to life! Please VOTE FOR

We believe the West End deserves so much more than empty buildings, and want to see this place full of life & community & creative opportunities!

We are currently raising funds to restore this disused church and have now made it to the public vote with - Aviva Community Fund. Please help us to raise £25,000 towards the #steepleforthepeople

Be part of Morecambe’s story as we come together to establish its first community run creative arts and enterprise hub based in the West End.

Just click the link, register an account using your email address to get 10 votes!

This will massively help us on our way!

If you want to know more about our plans for the church, then check out

The Exchange website or the Aviva page for more info - or get involved.

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