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Introducing Josh Baldwin - Photography Intern

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you all and welcome some young West End Talent to The Exchange team as our new photography intern. Meet Josh. You can expect to see him at Second Saturdays and other community events and projects with his camera capturing the action.

Thanks for all your excellent work already Josh it's been great having you around and we are keen to see how you develop and grow as a photographer. Look forward to seeing more of the world through your lens Josh....over to you!

Hi, I’m Josh. A 15-year- old aspiring photographer. I’ve been taking photos now for little under a year and I love it. Taking days out to photograph monuments, places and even people. My work is by no means professional and doesn’t necessarily have a running theme, I take photos of just about anything that catches my eye. I have previously worked with my school in taking photos for the school prospectus and magazine. Through this, I now take photos of people for their social media such as Instagram and Facebook, some of my portrait work is displayed on my website and Instagram should you choose to visit.

I was originally approached by Jo when she visited my school, who talked with me briefly about what they do and how I could possibly help shoot some events in the near future.

My mother and I later got in touch with them and arranged a time in which we could meet and talk about The Exchange, its projects and how I could become involved. I was asked to come along the following Saturday to shoot one of their second Saturday events where the people there were making record covers. I got to know a lot of the team and was fortunate enough to meet lots of lovely people who have similar artistic interests to myself.

The day was ace and between the two sessions, I sat down with Beki, the current photographer, who showed me how to use some excellent software which has made my entire editing process considerably faster. I look forward to working with The Exchange in the future and have already secured some solid dates in which I will be shooting again. I’d love to be a part of this thriving, community of support and mutual respect to that of anything artistic.

A selection of images from Josh's portfolio: All images ©Joshua Adam Photography

Recent photography by Josh of the Supermarche Second Saturday.

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