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GTCxLICA: A Midsummer Internship with GTC. Final Blog by Jared Alexander

Four West Enders

Top left: Zoe Morris; top right: Jim Lupton; Bottom left: Andrew J Holland; bottom right: Aous Hamoud.

It’s been a wild ride with Good Things.

First thing’s first I would like to thank the entire team at Good Things Collective. In the first week of the internship I noticed just how inspired the atmosphere had become as we were sitting around the table, talking map art, alleyway exhibitions and sketching. That moment made a huge impact on me for a particular reason: I felt part of a group mind and a group inspiration, that seemed to have more ‘artistic charge’ than my own inspiration and work alone had done at University. The entire month at Good Things, as my first internship with an art group, has shown me the immense value of working as a team to bring art to the community.

During the internship I have pursued two main portfolios of work: one was a foray into portraiture,

making oil paintings and sketches of Morecambe’s West End residents. Another, which was rather a surprise, meeting and touring with a travelling theatre group. I’ll explain about both now.

Portraiture and Personality

Jim Lupton Portrait from sketch to painting

After a week or so of familiarising myself with Morecambe, I settled on a project to complete some portraits of West End residents, and Morecambe residents in general. The first painted portrait was of Aous Hamoud, fellow intern, and whose stay in the West End is unusual in lasting only a month. Next was Jim Lupton, writer, ex Navy and head of the Nib Crib writers’ society in Morecambe. I recorded our conversation, and hope to use it in a future artwork alongside the portrait later this year. The next painted portrait was of Zoe Morris, former life model, and current Midwife, and the final portrait was of Morecambe-based artist Andrew J Holland. I found that portrait painting could

quite literally produce a friendship in two hours through conversation and the focused act of painting.

West End Micro Gardens

The Micro-gardens event was a blast, full of wonderful people and wonderful food. After a tour from Jessie of local edible plants in urban corners of the West End, I set up for a while under the marquee making some short portraits of Jules, Bev and Rosa while artist Molly Bland gave a drawing workshop illustrating local forageables. You’ll never guess who set up next to me also making portraits, but little William who is an artist in his own right at 11 years old! It was inspiring to share his love for drawing people, too.

Kids’ drawing Workshop with Beth Shapeero

Jessie, Aous and I gave a helping hand to Glasgow-based artist Beth Shapeero to run a drawing and painting workshop for kids at the local community centre and at the Microgardens. This was a great opportunity to enjoy the spontaneity of how children draw, exercise a sense of humour (which Aous always seems to do well) and work with Jessie and Beth too.

Touring with a Moving Theatre

As part of the portraiture project I went out on the promenade to ask bystanders if I could draw them. On the second occasion, the person I was drawing, Michael, happened to be a director of a moving theatre production. That night I went to see his performance of a Midsummer Night’s Dream at Leighton Hall, in Carnforth and the following day in Ulverston. I sketched it all down vehemently. A week or so later, I set off with them (after asking!) around Scotland as travelling artist at the House of Dunn, Pitmeddon Gardens and Loch Leven RSPB Nature reserve, sketching

the locations and the performances.

To conclude…

It’s been a really wonderful, inspiring four weeks, including some satisfying hard work and team work which have improved my skills and artist ethic. Thank you Good Things Collective, can’t wait to see you all again!




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