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And the survey says...

As the season of revelry and jocularity is upon us, I am still in the world of research and referencing…..

…and as such my academic entanglement with the Good Things has led to garnering myself into the graces of our community to lend me an ear (and a minute or five to fill in my google form). This will not only help me in my pursuit of knowledge in the world of creative enterprise, but will further the voice of the creative culture of the co-op.

What is the snappy title of this research you may ask?

Exploring the viability, structure and scope of a creative enterprise incubation program within the Good Things Collective’

Try saying that after having a few christmas bevvies!

I hear the cries of intrigue as to what on earth I am looking into! Well let me spin you a tale of discovery.

Are we sitting comfortably? Good, then I’ll begin….

On a wet cold afternoon, a phone call was held by a frantic student to a person in the know (also known as Jo), to find out what would be of use to the Good Things and wouldn’t lead to the descent into madness for all involved.

Ideas were sounded and rebounded around the walls of my mental chaos until one stuck to the wall like cooked spaghetti!

The incubation program aims to be a resource for those who want to turn their talents into something that they can bring forward to others, but just need that little something extra.

Be it more space, the use of equipment, or simply just the support of other creatives and what their experiences and knowledge can offer.

And onto the road of discovery we ventured, hashing out the details of the what, where, when and how.

In true Good Things nature we knew that it needed to be something that will be accessible to all, while still being achievable and sustainable.

Not only do we want to reach those on the road to starting their Creative Enterprise, but those who have an idea that could be nurtured into one, or those who have already set out on their journeys.

The research will open the conversations of how we can best support these quests for creativity, community and collaboration….

….I applaud those who have followed my nonsensical ramblings this far, and hope that it means that I have enticed you into the slightly more contemplative undertaking of clicking the link to the questionnaire and letting your voice be heard.

For myself, and The Good Things, we appreciate any and all responses given.

Beyond that I would like to wish you all a very merry festive season, and may your creativity know no bounds!

Image created by Loop Systems Architects.

Article written by Becca Snow



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