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Become a member of the GTC.

The Good Things Collective is a large membership CIC. That means we are a community interest company whose profits are reinvested in meeting its social purpose. Also - the large membership bit means we are owned by our members. This is the first formal opportunity to join since we made this choice. Many of you have already effectively been members for years, but this makes it official, It gives you some clout in decision making.

But crucially, when you're talking about the collective - you're part of it, it's as much yours as it is anyone else's.

We are looking for those of our movers and shakers and local community, that share our values, to join us and be an active part of the collective moving forward. Our new sales platform amongst other things will be a showcase of what our collective has to offer. This doesn't make it any more exclusive, but it does make your connection with us a stronger one.

In order to be a collective - we need to work together. Thankfully, this is what we do best! We've proven time and time again the fantastic things we can do when we rally and put our minds to it. That's very much how we intend to continue, Solving problems and creating opportunities together. This induction programme will cover all the basics of who we are, our vision so far, how we work, why we do what we do and what membership will involve (and hopefully, what some of the benefits might be).

Sessions will be led by Jo or Beki and supported by members of the team. The majority of this programme will take place on zoom - with the hopeful exception of the final session.

12th August 6:30 - 8pm - Info session & Q&A about The Good Things Collective & What membership means, involves etc.

Induction programme for prospective members:

12th August - Session 1: Overview, welcome & Q&A session.

26th August - Session 2: Introduction to the ecosystem model / vision.

9th September - Session 3: The importance of Creative, Social & Sustainable.

23rd September - Session 4: Introduction to Community Organising.

14th October - Session 5: Roles & Responsibilities.

28th October - Session 6: AGM / Nominations, Voting for board members & Social.

All of these dates are listed on our events calendar on our home page and on Facebook.

*Memberships will be formalised on the 28th October based on successful completion of induction.

**Those wishing to be part of the shop will be requited to be members of the collective & take part in the induction process (or at the very least the majority of it).

***Prospective Board members must have been involved with the GTC for more than 12 months. Board membership will be for a term of 2 years. We will suggest specific skills that would be helpful to inform decision making.



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