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Creative Clubs & Co-Working:

As a collective we’ll be launching a new GTC Studios app and online booking system (also available on our website), to make sure that making the most of our new home is as easy as pie.  

If you’re interested in booking spaces for community meetings, events or activities we have rooms you can hire.  

If you need to make a thing for a thing and need somewhere to do it, we can probably help, our project space might be just what you need.

Or if you’re looking for a new hobby or club to join, our house programme might have just what you’re after.  All these things are just a few clicks away.  

We have options to pay as you go, book a club, an event, maybe a half day or full day session in one of the studios, but if you think it’s something that you’re going to want lots of in your life, then you’d definitely be better off subscribing.  We’ve done everything we can to make accessing these fantastic facilities as affordable and convenient as possible.  Subscriptions are available as follows;

Creative clubs and co-working subscriptions: Include a monthly allocation of session bookings for co-working spaces and all our clubs.  We’re offering 2 half day sessions (or clubs) / week for £35 per month and 4 half day sessions (or clubs) for £60 per month with priority booking. PAYG sessions for clubs and co-working are £5 each, so subscribing could save you some money.  Great for people that want to develop their creative practice around a community of like minded others. 

Enterprise Subscriptions: If you’re interested in using the facilities professionally, we can also offer enterprise subscriptions for £150 / month, providing you with a business address and allowing agile working across the studios. Collective members, members also get 50% off room hire so if you’re looking for a package that gives you everything you need to get cracking and somewhere to hire for regular public facing sessions this could be everything you’ve dreamt of.  To enquire about this option please contact

'Space and Time'

We've also developed our very own time sharing scheme where we'll be introducing 'Space and Time' tokens in the near future that will enable collective members to earn tokens that they can exchange to access workshops, clubs, space, equipment and more. So if money will be a barrier for you fear not! We hope we've covered all bases in ensuring as many people as possible can access the new Good Things Hub.

Community Projects:

Keep a look out for community projects and public programmes that we'll release as we secure funding and commissions to deliver this work. Many of which will provide free to access arts and cultural activities, workshops and events for the local community and visitors to Morecambe to get involved; make art, connect, learn, discover and explore our own and collective creativty. More details coming soon. In the meantime, check out some of our residents websites for more info on their programmes:



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