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Good Thing Collective Zine Time!

Question…What do you get, if you mix together amazingly cool art, poignant, beautiful & thought inducing words, an eco-friendly, low cost printing method with vibrant results and a collective of creative & talented people; with an antidote to social media, tinged with a subversive, underground, radical aesthetic and a less-is-more-attitude?

Answer…You get The Good Things Collective Zine!...A low budget, anti mass media, 2 colour, collaborative publication that celebrates imperfections, unashamed errors, beautiful nature, amazing people, glorious buildings & history and living in the seaside town of Morecambe!

Publishing date…May/June time! The aim is to publish 200 ish copies of the first edition which we can sell and/or crowdfund for about £4 a Zine, the proceeds will start to fund our own Risograph machine for the studio, to be available for the community.

Risograph is an eco-friendly print process that uses a machine which looks like a photocopier, but it uses non toxic, coloured inks and stencils to create vibrant, 2 or 3 colour prints. It prints best on recycled paper. The Riso machine is energy efficient and has minimal waste.

With a G.T.C. Risograph machine, we can print & publish art editions, postcards, greetings cards, zines, posters, flyers, stickers, packaging and labels for our artists products. All adding to Morecambe's community wealth building & circular economy.

Here’s a load of RISOGRAPH IMAGES

We'll be using these lovely people in Glasgow for our Riso printing, until we get our own machine.

More info here…at WILD & KIND CIC

Last week we started the ball rolling with a workshop, where we discussed ideas for the content and started on making pages!

Here are some ideas and thoughts we came up with…

You are invited to contribute to this issue too! Drop your page/s off at the Good Things Studio, Arndale Morecambe Bay,



…and this was the workshop.. slow media in production!

If you want to see pictures of the pages, then don’t be looking on social media, they won’t be there!

The results will only be seen in real life!

An amazing Zine to hold in your hand, and keep forever.

There’s still time to contribute a page to this first edition. Here’s some info on how to make a page. The theme for this pilot edition is Spaces, Places & Signs.

Here’s a map of ideas for production!

The Risograph print style involves making images in just 2 or 3 colours.

If you want to make an image to be Riso printed, here is some info to think about.

Other pages, especially ones with lots of words, will be printed in black and white.

You can email your scanned finished image to me at

Or take them to the Studios at the Arndale and leave them in the box that looks like this!

The zine is produced by Charlotte Done Illustrations in collaboration with the Good Things Collective.



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