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GTCxLICA Creative Community Campus Day: Art and Systems

Our 3rd collaboration day on the 15th February between LICA & GTC as part of the Community Campus was a real treat. As a group we attended a Zoom Screening and Q&A of the Tuesday Talk by Hardeep Pandhal, a renowned and international visual, film and digital artist. LICA Senior Fine Art Lecturer Dr Jen Southern had invited us to attend and participate in an Art and Systems Lecture alongside the 2nd Year students. Then we finished the day with a World Café Activity, where we brainstormed art system ideas linking LICA & GTC.

We thought it would be a good idea to collectively document our visits, whether that would be via responses through photography, video, drawing, ideas for new projects, art work or reflective pieces. Some of those responses by participants of the recent trip are part of this blog post.

We attended a Zoom Screening and Q&A with International Visual Artist Hardeep Pandhal

“Hardeep Pandhal lives and works in Glasgow. Pandhal works with non-linear forms of digital video which layer lurid hand drawn cartoons, psychedelic and disorienting narratives with his own rap music, presenting them within wider installations and wall drawings. For the Jarman Award, Pandhal presented from a body of work that reroutes the misogynist and racist imagination underpinning white supremacy into cartoon phantasms that haunt contemporary life. The frustrations of societal structures are projected into satirical cartoon worlds, where viewers are presented with seemingly infinite perspectives of recurring yet disjointed scenes.”

Quote and Photograph taken from Film London Article.

Mind Map by Lorna Kelly

'Art & Systems' Lecture hosted by LICA Senior Fine Art Lecturer Dr Jen Southern

Jen's inspiring presentation was an introduction to thinking about systems as art. How would our work be different if we thought of it as a system? Systems art is art influenced by cybernetics, and systems theory, that reflects on natural systems, social systems and social signs of the art world itself.

We explored a wide range of pieces that included those that interacted with the surrounding environment, used raw materials, were influenced by the observer, were without limits, AI, that moved away from the emphasis on an end result and also those that changed over time. Hans Haacke, Grass Grows 1967-69

LICA Visit 15th February by Jules Abraham

Another inspirational afternoon at LICA – two lectures – the second by Jen Southern was particularly interesting – a slideshow which rattled through an eclectic mix of artists – notable amongst these was Hans Haacke whose ‘Grass Grows’ was an organic piece from the late sixties – a pyramid of earth on which grass grew, altering the work without interference from the viewer or artist, for the duration of it being exhibited. The lecture brought to our attention how certain artworks were not so much about the art itself but more concerned with the way in which the art was created. Whereas art had often been impacted by the artist, this kind of art ‘behaved’ independently. Once again - new ways of thinking to explore, many unfamiliar artists to research.

Systems as Art by Lorna Kelly

World Cafe “Thinking about Systems” hosted by LICA Senior Fine Art Lecturer Dr Jen Southern

Taking part in a World Cafe discussion , 4 tables in groups of 4, circulated round the room, we collectively brainstormed the wider interconnectivity of our ecosystems and how to use art systems in and between our communities . Each group worked on developing ideas for possible art system installations mainly focussing on engaging in Morecambe.

Ideas that sprung out included;

1.the monitoring and alerting of dangerous tidal forces in natural systems to tourists via better signage,

2. Research and development of seaweed ice cream,

3. App to log pigeon poo, then guerrilla plant into it

4. Zine/ Blog connecting us

5. Sculptural work within tidal water systems

6. Sustainable and enduring social communication systems into the future between LICA & GTC for the ongoing mutual benefit of our our communities.

Thoughts on the Day by Nick Dodd

Struggling to get sugar out of vending machine but the paintings are nice. Spacious room and spring feeling. Lecture room with Hindu gods and pacman, parallaxising and empathising all at once in multi media reality rap song where all is poetry across the tidal currents of Morecambe bay whereas some bring back stone from China and enshrine it over here others make a pyramid of grass in a museum and condensate water in an unpredictable glass cube or swathes of colour which respond to their environment or a code or directions from an artist from afar..

The artwork is now firmly embedded in the hyperreality head like pacman sending brainwaves and mundane magic no less powerful than high magic. Slow and steady wins the race in this epoque. Belle epoque pre ww3 blues or the ecstacy of a new religion blooming? We don't want to feel part of the system any longer do we?

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this blog from Good Things.. Also thank you to Jen Southern for a 3rd wonderful day up at LICA! We all really enjoyed it and looking forward to hosting you all in Morecambe for a visit very soon!



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