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GTCxLICA: Meet the Intern...Jared

Hello, I’m Jared from Lancaster University.

I draw and paint (and sleep, eat, etc.). I enjoy painting industrial scenes because of their grittiness, and I often paint construction workers from observational sketches that I make on-site.

I keep ‘documentary drawing’ as my regular practice (this involves drawing out in public: people and places, and often talking to the people). Now, being fairly fresh to Morecambe and its architecture, history, culture and character, I am already full of ideas for drawings and paintings. It’s very exciting to step out of my degree and into a community of working artists. I hope to bring something creative and fresh to Morecambe and to Good Things.

To get an idea of some recent work I have been developing, I’ve put a few images into this blog (the two paintings were exhibited in Liverpool recently). Looking forward to what comes out of the next four weeks.

Enjoy the summer sun!



Neighbourhood Campus Internships

The Neighbourhood Campus Fine Art Internships are part of a programme between LICA (Lancaster Institute of Contemporary Art) and Good Things Collective, aiming to nurture great creative partnerships between Fine

Art students and graduates, local artists and the wider Morecambe community. This internships are part of a research programme which aims to find out what impact artists residencies at Good Things Collective have in Morecambe, and how this can help to build the relationship between GTC and LICA.



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