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Morecambe Matters to us!

Morecambe Matters to people that live here. But it doesn't always feel like it matters to anyone else. Last year there were hopes of getting some funding from the Government's future high streets fund, but now, we're coming to the end of the pandemic and our home turf is more important than ever. We are all so much more dependant upon where we live. It's increasingly where we work, eat, sleep, play, meet people. It's got loads to offer from the bay, but inland, it needs some careful thought and attention. Particularly if we want to have any say in what the future of Morecambe looks like.

Morecambe Matters is a project and hashtag, that aim is simple - to get people talking about Morecambe. What's good, what's challenging, and what we could do different.

The more the merrier.

We want to find out what matters to people in Morecambe - and grow the conversation to create some plans that will help make sure the people that live here are part of shaping the future of our wonderful town.

We'd love for you to be part of the conversation, over the coming weeks we'll be interviewing local people on film - asking you about what matters.

If you're interested in doing an interview (getting on your soapbox) or saying just a few words (vox pop stylie) give Jo a shout: - otherwise; get yourself on social media, post a pic / DIY video and pop your thoughts in the status box (DON'T forget to use the #morecambematters hashtag & make your settings public or we won't get the message).

We know we're stronger together, we can achieve more together and the Good Things Collective is committed to working in a community led way, using our skills and creativity to bring about positive and much needed change. We're a membership based organisation - and literally community owned. If you'd like to get more involved with us generally, please do get in touch and we'll send you more info about membership.

Picture of an 8 ft, blue fence slanting away to the left. With 6 large paintings on, covering most of the fence. Each painting is different. The painting closest is of a slightly abstract blue lady, playing the flute in front of the sea. Next to the lady is a different painting of a deer, the tips of its antlers are on fire, with two swallows flying between them, there are concentric circles behind the deer, red in the centre, then orange, yellow, green, turquoise then dark blue. The third painting depicts Actress Thora Hird, dressed as a tea lady, with 'Dame Thora Hird Morecambe's most famous daughter' written above her.
A local project covering up the hoardings on the waste ground, owned by Morrions, photo by Johnny Bean



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