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Morecambe Sundae & The Riso Club

A few people have asked…’How's the Morecambe Sundae Art Zine going?’.... here is the long answer!

The project started in March as a simple Art Zine… simple you may think...

But the Zine project has expanded and grown into other bigger things!.



People have contributed their lovely art, enough to make a 24 page zine. This will be printed at Partisan/Trident Press in Manchester who are very helpful and supportive.

They run workshops in the art of Risograph, and so, with some funding from Creative West End, a small group of those that have contributed to the content of the zine are heading there on the 7th August to discover & learn more.

This workshop will also be an induction course so we can book in, and use their Risograph machine when it comes to the printing of the Zine!

For more info about this trip and info about Risography …scroll down to The Riso Club.


I’m hoping to pursue ( not by press ganging! ) people to join the Press Gang! It would be amazing if this initial group could begin as the Crowdfunder Campaign Team!

The lovely Jamie Murphy will be helping to get the ball rolling with a chat about how the Gregson team ran their successful crowdfunder, and how their crowdfunding team worked. Useful!

Then I hope, The Press Gang will go on to produce Morecambe Sundae Art Zine Issue #2 #3 #4 etc!


This will be the home of our Risograph Printer! It will be a not-for-profit Risograph printing service. Based in, and supported by the Good Things Studio in Morecambe .

We’re hoping to buy the Riso MZ770 - which has two ink drums so prints two colours at a time on A3 & A4.

With this printer we’ll be able to print & publish art editions, postcards, posters, flyers and zines.

We’ll also host workshops so people can learn the art of risograph, including drawing, collage and printing, and zine making workshops with information and tips about production.

There'll be a Riso Club Membership which will provide access to the machine at a discount, DIY printing, and learning together about the printer and printing ideas & possibilities.

All adding to Morecambe's community wealth building & circular economy.


We’ll be launching the crowd funder after the holidays, and I will be spending August preparing the pages for printing, so it’ll be ready to hit the Riso Press!!

The ambition is to raise £6000 to cover printing costs, and buy a Risograph Printer which will be based at the Good Things Collective !

The aim is to publish 300 copies; 250 copies will be given as rewards through the crowd-funder; 50 copies will be put aside for the West End Community.

Through the crowd funder we would like to raise £900 to cover the printing costs.

A refurbished A3 riso is £2000 - £2950 plus vat £3,000

2 x New drums are £685 extra £1,370

2 x box of two ink tubes @ £65 £130

Box (420 masters in a box) £95 £100

Selection of recycled paper & card £200

to start printing on

TOTAL £6,000

Here's a handy diagram... and also... this is the image I plan to print at the Trident Press workshop!


And so.. The Riso Club is all about Learning the Art of Risograph, publishing and file preparation for printing and Riso machine knowledge and technician skills.!

Here’s some useful information sent over from our friends at Partisan/TeamTrident Press, in preparation for the Inspiration and Learning trip!

This is Stencil ~ an encyclopedia page about Risograph! The Atlas on this page is brilliant! You can find Trident Press near Trinity Way in Manchester.

Note… that there is not a Riso Machine in Morecambe …yet!

Team Trident Press Atlas this page shows the range of Riso Ink colours that Trident Press have available.

To print using a Riso this is what’s needed to make a two colour design…

You can make the two layers with drawings and collage, analogue style which will be scanned in, to print.

Or set it up on Photoshop…

Have a look at this File Set Up Tutorial by Pindot Press regarding digital artwork.

Here’s some more of the very nice Risograph people with beautiful and informative websites!

Risolve ~ Pennsylvania

Risotto ~ Glasgow

Look out for the next blog update about the trip on the Creative West End Website...



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