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Nick Hellier's Creative Space Project

  • The project aims to celebrate the diversity and quality of creative talent in the Lancaster and Morecambe area.

  • Culminating in both a digital and physical exhibition.

  • An opportunity to have a professional portrait of you and your workspace.

  • An opportunity to have some of your work photographed.

We live in a world full of distractions, meaning marketing ourselves as artists requires increasingly more creative and competitive strategies. Telling the story of our creative process adds value to our work, and the popularity of ‘how to’ videos on TikTok shows how effective this can be. This project goes a step further and reveals a window into the creative spaces that produce beautiful, original and interesting works of art.

Some creatives are imaginative Wombles, their spaces can be a treasure trove of collections, others need a space that is clean and ordered to still the mind and free it from clutter. All spaces are of interest to your customers.

· The concept is to create an exhibition room divided into cubicles.

· Each cubicle would contain a framed image of the artist in their creative space.

· Around the image in each cubicle would be a curated selection of pieces chosen by the artist.

· A digital exhibition could run for longer than a physical one and could act as a taster to draw people in.

· A great way to sell your art locally and online

Visitors to the exhibition will enjoy the art and begin to feel a personal connection to the artist too. The image would include carefully chosen works, items and insights. Everything in my image is there by design. On a shoot, I turn up dressed appropriately for the occasion, but the magic really takes shape here in my patchwork pants, vest top and sliders. The closer you examine the image, the more you learn about me as a person, I have carefully included images and objects that allude to many areas of my life.

If you would like to be a part of this project please fill out a form or email me at



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