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RTG Arts - Rosie Tacon Glass

RTG Arts is a warm, friendly, collaborative and creative studio based here at Good Things Collective, running a weekly affordable Art Club focussed on a 'Reuse, Reclaim, Recycle and Using what you Have' ethos.

Rosie has over 20 years experience in working within community arts, mental health services and with adults, children and families.

RTG Arts also run mixed media, collage and specialist craft workshops and collaborative projects with a range of options available to suit individuals or groups for creative co-working and regular studio subscriptions.

We're also delighted and very lucky to have RTG Arts here supporting the running of the House Exhibition programme and offering 1-1 mentoring support for artists looking to exhibit their work for the first time.

Rosie as an artist and a collective member has supported the work we’ve done since almost the beginning of our journey.  Her work has a refined, distinctive style which she described below;

“I’m a mixed media collage artist, driven to mainly work with found or reclaimed materials, I love skip diving and get a lot out of the spontaneity in the direction it takes me. I’m particularly interested in playful narrative layouts, not taking myself too seriously, the beauty of impromptu geometry, layering, display and functionality. I’m driven artistically by the clarity of mood, the realisation processes I go through whilst creating my work and the infinite nature of creation possibilities. The idea that I am capable of perpetuating my own sustainable replenishing happiness is to me, magic itself.”

Rosie’s work connects function and aesthetics and she feels strongly that this a leading factor in the development of her own practice.

Rosie often uses reclaimed tables in her commissioned work , but is increasingly turning her hand to upcycling a wide range of other items and breathing new life into them - of course with that distinct RTG edge. 

Please don't hesitate to contact Rosie with any queries regarding upcoming workshops, mentoring, co-working, 1:1 mentoring or studio subscriptions via

Whatsapp: 07891907853

Instagram: @rosietaconglass



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