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Friday 24th June - Saturday 6th August


Becca, a proud Barrovian, studied photography at school.  Even then, in choosing her photographic subject matter, she was noticing what others frequently miss – a key artistic ability – one that is instinctual rather than learnt.  In July 2016 she took a leap of faith in moving to Morecambe and soon became a frequent visitor to the Exchange Creative Community (forerunner of Good Things Collective) on West Street in the West End.  There she found the new environment allowed and encouraged her to explore her own art – she no longer had to follow rules. 


In 2019, Becca took part in an international community enterprise project, Elie  2.0, a project supported by the European Commission and co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.   Accordingly she was inspired to photograph various aspects of the local area – in particular its structures.  Several of the photographs on show here date from that project.  Subsequently she continued her photographic ‘investigations’, resulting in a deepening of her technique and skills.  Indeed such was the flow of her creativity that the hardest task in preparing her work for this exhibition has been in selecting which photographs to display of the many she has taken over the past few years. 


Here she explains her work:


“The buildings were made for a certain purpose and to certain perimeters.  Over time, however, natural and societal changes (such as the fire in the Alhambra, the effects of facing the sea, the influence of the weather and demographic needs) have affected the different uses and appearances of the buildings – changes that will inevitably continue into the future.  The original set of rules for the images came from the Elie 2.0 workshops and project, but the pictures evolved into this exhibition, including studies of the internal as well as external aspects of the buildings, which had also undergone changes and alterations.”



You can follow Becca’s artistic journey on instagram:


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