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Saturday 15 January - 21 February 2022

This is Hannah’s first solo exhibition.  From a very young age Hannah was passionate about painting, drawing and writing.  However, at that time, she did not think a career in these arts was realistic.  That was until, at the age of 12 in 2015, she won the ‘Share A Story’ competition on CITV.  This involved writing a story and accompanying it with an illustrated story board.  The organisers of the competition arranged for her work to be turned into an animation which was subsequently broadcast.   Since then, she has developed her art and formed networks and contacts through social media – in particular on Instagram.











Her art is made up of several layers.  Firstly, she creates a watercolour base – then adds vibrant acrylics and inks.  Each picture is further strengthened by using pencils and crayons.  Finally, she emphasises the tiny details of her work with a fine liner.  Hannah draws much of her inspiration from nature – landscapes – flowers – wild beaches.  Sometimes these are imagined – at other times she will interpret photographs.  Almost half of the works on display are of Hebridean locations, where, she explains, the light changes quickly and the colours are quiet and still.  The title of the exhibition reflects the tactile connections between her art and the natural world.  Often, while walking along Morecambe Promenade, she will be imagining how what she sees would look like in a picture.


One of her favourite artists is Quentin Blake, and, not surprisingly, in the future she would like to create illustrated story books as well as continuing with her stand-alone art.


If you would like to follow Hannah’s artistic journey you can do so at: 

‘Hannah Robinson Illustrations’ on both Instagram and Facebook.

Hannah's original pieces are available in our shop (while stocks last).

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