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OPEN CALL for Exhibition Proposals

We are really excited to announce that the Good Things Collective Gallery Programme is now open for applications from collective members and studio residents.

After a run of wonderful and collaborative exhibitions since the gradual lifting of lockdown restrictions, we’d now like to offer opportunities to any members of the collective who might like to showcase their work alongside an optional creative workshop. This could be a dream realised for many people.

Would you be interested in hosting an exhibition in the gallery space? Have you ever held an exhibition before? If you haven’t perhaps you might worry about having the skills to set up one on your own? As a collective member we’d like to provide the support or opportunities in enabling you to make your dream a reality as we realise this is an important milestone in the progression of artistic practice.

Similarly if you would like to run a workshop alongside your exhibition, there are many collective members who could mentor you through this process, or potentially deliver alongside you on the day.

Through your first exhibition and optional workshop with us, this is an opportunity to build up your confidence and experience as an artist and may lead to hosting many more, opening up new opportunities for freelance

commissions of workshops at festivals and events, programmes, and even setting up your own social enterprises or business etc.. Make that first step, get in touch!



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