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Revamp Raccoon - Wendy O'Hara

Revamp Racoon is a textile studio run by Wendy O’Hara, who can pretty much make anything, out of anything.  The studio is set up to offer a range of workspaces and access to equipment catering for those with an interest in exploring the possibilities of working with textiles (including sewing, knitting, rug making, embroidery and digital cutting). 

Wendy is keen to help people understand the potential of the things and resources they have at their fingertips.  She doesn't want to be a teacher and isn’t big on talking in front of groups as such her approach is to be kind, welcoming, enthusiastic and incredibly encouraging.  Don't be fooled by her understated presence, her skills are indeed vast, and you will find yourself feeling as though there’s nothing you can’t make if you put your mind to it.

Revamp Raccoon studio will also run a range of club sessions and workshops aimed at supporting people to hone their skills in fixing, mending and upcycling textiles.  As we all know, using what you have is much more fun, requires far more creativity, it’s more affordable and better for the planet than buying new things.  If you’re keen to find out more drop her a message on socials @revampraccoon or email

Clubs and co-working in the Revamp studio are included in GTC’s Creative Clubs & Co-working Subscription packages, you can also book and use the space on a pay as you go (PAYG) basis for £5 per session.  But it’s cheaper to subscribe if you think you’ll be a regular.  

Wendy’s highlights to date:

GTC has been great for me, I love getting to collaborate and work with other people on interesting projects.  My favourite project has definitely been making the costumes for ‘In Westendia’ - I learnt a whole new set of skills making all these things and it was a lot of fun.

I’m also really ‘proud’ of Pride Jesus, when Lancaster Methodist Church asked, I couldn't wait to get started, although as a Pagan, I never expected that to be the case.  This year, we’ve modified him to be easier to take out on a parade and now I’m wondering what other giant things we might make.  

I also really enjoyed making the flags and banners, especially the ‘Make More Art Together’ banner as part of the Cooperation Street Project.  But when I’m not collaborating, you can expect to find me making something ‘weird’, or maybe making another giant cross-stitch.

As we launch the new studios I’ll be running two clubs on a regular basis as well as offering co-working space for textiles people, including Friday nights in the Revamp studio.  

Sewing Club - Wednesday mornings, 10am - 12:30 come along and work on whatever you want to work on alongside other sewers, with Wendy on hand to help you make it happen.  This is a friendly and relaxed group for all sewing abilities.  We have equipment on hand including sewing machines, needles, pins, threats, scissors and all the basics as well as a few bonus things depending where your imagination takes you.

Fixy Mendy Club - Saturday afternoons, twice a month (1st & 3rd Saturday of the Month) this is your chance to bring in your treasured items and charity shop gems and give them a new lease of life.  This is a friendly and relaxed group for all sewing abilities.  Again, with Wendy’s expertise and the fully equipped studio you should be in for a hassle free fun time of creative and functional play whatever skills you arrive with.



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