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The Good Things Collective, is well on its way to securing the funds it needs to redevelop Centenary House, more commonly know locally as the Old Coop building on Regent Rd, West End. Origionally built in 1927 by the Cooperative Wholesale Society as a luxuary cooperative department store and further extended in 1960. The landmark is currently a prominent empty building on the local highstreet with the potential to add significant value to our community.  

Working with the Cooperative Heritage Trust and Morecambe Heritage Centre the Cooperation St project aims to capture as much history about the Coop Centenary Building, the Cooperative Society and the West End as we can - from the time when it was better known as the ‘best end’.

For over 20 years the Centenary building has been in a state of disrepair and mainly unused. Our aim is to build interest and capture knowledge of the building as we aim to return it to active use as a thriving creative, community hub for the West End of Morecambe.

There are lots of ways you can become involved in the project:

  1. Share your memories, stories, photographs or artefacts.

  2. Learn skills to record oral history stories.

  3. Attend a Cooperative Tea Party heritage sharing event.

  4. Visit the Cooperative Heritage Trust.

  5. Take part in banner, stamp, advert or packaging creative making workshops and activities.

  6. Make an artwork for the Community Response exhibition.

  7. Visit our exhibition in collaboration with Morecambe Heritage Center in November.

We will research the Coop building, the Cooperative movement and the West End when it was thriving full of independent shops, packed B&B's, theaters and Summer Gardens. We will draw comparisons between the present day and times gone by to identify lessons and learning as we look to the future.


The cooperative movement has many things to offer us today as a society - all incredibly relevant to our community in these challenging times.  We hope this will be a valuable experience for all involved.


For further information and enquiries please contact:
Beki Melrose - beki@goodthingscollective.co.uk

Creative Workshops to share and discover heritage:

Working with local artists we will deliver a series of creative workshops making banners, adverts, stamps and packaging inspired by Cooperative design over years gone by to interpret and share heritage based on our lerning visits. We've also created an intergenerational letter 'Pen-Pal' project for inspired ‘Young Researchers’ & those that previously worked for the Coop Society in Morecambe during the 40-70’s.

West End Photos

1850 - 1990
We have gathered a selection of digital photos harvested from facebook groups to build a picture of the West End when it was once a thriving neighbourhood with busy local high streeets, grand buildings for community enjoyment and leisure.

With special thanks to Trevor Norris from Morecambe Heysham Past and Present

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You are invited to join our Community Response group exhibition. All ages, abilities and levels are welcome. This exhibition is about the community coming together to show their creativity whether you've never exhibited before or you're a professional artist that's exhibited all over the world.

One thing we've learnt from the cooperative movement so far is that amazing things happen when people come together and truly believe a better world is possible, where everyone is valued no matter their background.

Any enquiries and to submit an artwork, email: beki@goodthingscollective.co.uk

Terms and Conditions:

  • We reserve the right to not display artwork if we feel it conflicts with any of our organisations values.

  • Artwork must not be directly party political as this would breach our company status.


A selection of digital photos harvested from the Cooperative Heritage Trust of beautifully designed packaging, adverts, shop displays, and more.

With special thanks to Cooperative Heritage Trust you can visit their twitter feed here: https://twitter.com/coopheritage

Coming soon!
Keep a look out for our Cooperation St Project booklet with activities launching soon.
Now in production and will be available to download as a PDF or to collect from our Studio in Arndale Morecambe Bay.

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Thanks to our project team:
Will Shelmerdine - Documentary Filmmaker
Becca Snow - Heritage Project Volunteer
Charlotte Done - Lead Illustrator
Woo O'Hara - Lead Textile Artist
Steve Fairclough - Lead Oral Historian and Pen Pal Letter Exchange Artist
Beki Melrose - Creative Director

Huge thanks to new collaborators - the amazing GCSE art students at Bay Leadership Academy and Sammy Campbell - Head of Art.