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Spotlight on: Jamie Jenkinson

Jamie Jenkinson is the first of our Spotlight-ons, a monthly event where we speak to local artists, businesses, creatives and entrepreneurs to hear their stories, pick up some tips and be inspired.

"Hi, I’m Jamie, and I work as a teacher, artist, researcher and curator. The bulk of my practice has been making videos on my smartphone, which have been shown internationally in an art context. I recently completed my doctoral thesis at LICA, which looked into smartphone-video as a creative practice through the lens of quantum physics; and I co-direct Originally from Morecambe, I’m currently split between here and London, where I teach at the Royal College of Art. As teaching has become a more fulfilling side to my practice, my main project at the moment is trying to set up a new free art school in Morecambe, of which I’d love to year your thoughts!

The Spotlight On talk focussed on my journey from Morecambe and back again, some ideas around low-cost creative practice via smartphones, and concluded with a Q&A."

Jamie's talk was structured around a series of links and images to use as prompts, rather than a standard slideshow; these links give a variety of references and materials to use as further stimulation and inspiration!

To see more of Jamie's work find him on Instagram here:


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