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Working for yourself isn’t for everyone but for some there’s no looking back! 

If you’re thinking about starting a business of your own or would like to learn more about what's involved or perhaps bring a renewed focus to your existing business - we're here to help.  Shaping, researching and developing your idea is crucial and giving some much needed time to invest in yourself and in your idea is a great start in making it happen and ensuring it has the best chance of success.

The Make it in Morecambe network is rooted in creating a strong and supportive culture for new and existing small businesses in Morecambe and across the district. Not only will you have the chance to like minded peers and explore new possibilities but through the skills labs you will have the chance to or a new challenge and start to think about new possibilities too.  

Furthermore we have been working with Lancaster University and partners across Europe on the Elie 2.0 and CASCADE projects to co-create bespoke learning materials and resources to support emerging entrepreneurs, start ups and help build resilience and generate new opportunities in the district. Upon completion these will be available free for you to access from the comforts of your home.

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Enterprise Toolkit

We are currently running a pilot of a bespoke enterprise learning toolkit co-created in collaboration with partners and community members across Europe to support start-ups and small business development. 

Get in touch if you'd like to access these for FREE!

Programme with:

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We're committed to seeing more people doing the things that they love that are creative, social and sustainably rooted. We want to see you succeed.


We host regular networking sessions  - bringing people together offering a chance to link up, meet new people, talk about progress, problems and share tips. 



Focussed sessions bringing in skills and expertise based on your needs.


The Make it in Morecambe network is here to support you in making things happen.

We think that between us we know the answers and if not we might know someone that will or at very least be able to offer some ideas. We have built a growing community of creatives and small businesses that join us, all at different points in their journey. You may be looking for someone to collaborate with on a project, need some technical expertise, or be looking for a mentor, coach or consider taking part in an Action Learning Set or Skills lab.


There's lots on offer within this group and we're confident you'll get as mush out of it as you put in.

Sessions are currently based from our studio in Morecambe Arndale on Tuesday afternoons.


We look forward to seeing you!
If you feel you have something to share and give back in supporting the community at a skills lab session that will help and support new and emerging businesses in Morecambe please get in touch. We've connected with some amazing journalists, marketing specialists, accountants, web developers and more over the years and look forard to meeting more amasing people passionate about our town and keen to help it become the best that it can be.

Contact Steve for more info: steve@goodthingscollective.co.uk