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Working for yourself isn’t for everyone but for some there’s no looking back! 

If you’re thinking about starting a business of your own or you have an idea for a new project or would like to learn more about what's involved, we’re here to help.  Shaping your idea is crucial - giving some much needed time to invest in yourself and in your idea is a great start in making it happen!

Make it in Morecambe gives you the chance to meet others that are also looking for a new challenge and start to think about new possibilities too.  It will help you to develop some important key transferable skills and learning experiences that will help you turn your ideas into reality.  


Before signing you up for anything we’ll take the time to meet up, register your interest and make sure you get the support that is right for you.  Each programme comes with a workbook for you to complete throughout the programme.  We have two courses (each 6 weeks long): Eliemental - Skills For Enterprise and an Introduction to Product Development. In addition we have devised a bespoke package of additional support including Peer Support groups, Coaching and Mentoring and access to Skills Lab sessions based on participant needs.

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Skills for Enterprise:
In small, supportive groups you will develop key transferable skills in problem solving, confidence, communication, project planning and creative thinking that will help you prepare and unpick the next steps ready to make your ideas happen.

Programme Developed by:

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A six session programme, timings and day/s developed with the learners lives in mind.

A starting point to get back to learning prior to developing your inner entrepreneur and/or helping you to explore or refine your ideas for a new project or enterprise.

In small supportive groups you will be working through key topics, using an easy to fill in learner workbook as we go.

Together we will look at, discuss and use real experiences to develop problem solving skills, confidence, communication and creative thinking and unpick the next steps ready to make your ideas happen.


If you want to know more just hit the 'I'm Interested' button, and we will get back to you to see how we can help you Make It In Morecambe or contact Bev directly:  mob. 07955091158 for a chat.


The programme was developed by Lancaster University and co-created with community partners.

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Product Development

A practical, hands on creative product development course. You will work with our team generating ideas for new products and gain transferable skills and experience discovering first hand what’s involved in taking an idea for a new product ready to market whilst giving it the best chance of success.


Working with local artists, designers and makers to develop an innovative product range.


We do this alongside offering a range of community learning opportunities, including a 6 session Product Development Introduction course - on which learners will experience the process of planning, designing, creating and launching a real product from a live brief. This opportunity is a rare chance to see the process from start to finish!



The courses are here to help you get started - and to help us get to know each other.  In addition we’ve devised a unique offer of ongoing support to support you once you’ve got started and help give your idea the best chance of success.



Dedicated 1-1 support from our team to help you meet your goals and launch your new project or business.


We're hosting regular networking sessions (via zoom at the moment) - bringing together cohorts from the different parts of the program. A chance to link up, meet new people, talk about progress and share tips. 





Focussed sessions bringing in skills and expertise based on your needs.


Alongside our more classically taught courses, we have a range of support available, from mentoring and coaching, to skill development sessions and networking events.


These are the opportunities to discuss ideas and find answers to your business and creative questions in a friendly and supportive environment?


Maybe between us we know the answers or might be able to offer some ideas? We have an eclectic mix of creatives and small businesses that join us, all at different points along their journey. You may be looking for someone to collaborate with on a project, need some technical expertise, or be looking for a mentor, coach or considering taking part in Action Learning.


There's lots to offer within this group, currently running via Zoom! Our networking events are every fortnight on a Monday mid afternoon (3-4.30pm) or early evening (6-7.30pm) slot.




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