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Community Voices: The Consequences of Co-operation by Alison B. Fisher

We are very pleased to now be the proud owner of a zine library thanks to local artist and collective member Charlotte Done. Zine libraries are a great way to share ideas, knowledge, art, education and provide a platform for community voices and talents - one of which is The Consequences of Co-operation essay by Alison B.Fisher. Created inspired by the Co-operation St project and featured in The Art of Co-operation exhibition. Here you can now also download it too!

The Consequences of Co-operation_ABF
Download PDF • 2.62MB

Through our research and learning as part of the Co-operation St project we were interested to learn and discover more about the founding of the movement inspired by the Rochdale principles in our district and that this was formed in Lancaster in 1860.

Inspired by the ideas of the Rochdale Pioneers, a group of Lancaster working people came together to discuss ideas shared with them by fellow workers at the Galgate mill who were connected with Rochdale. It was this sharing of ideas, knowledge and education that then led to action.

Workers from the Phoenix Foundry and Ridge Lane Silk Mill, Lancaster started a co-operative to sell groceries and a library to loan books to support enhancement of education following in the example of the Rochdale Pioneers having been inspired by their ideas and acheivements. Libraries became a standard addition to all Co-ops that formed as it was understoof that the sharing of knowledge and ideas was essential to encourage the grounds for ideas to flourish and grow.

Feel free to drop in and check out our growing library! Hosted here at the Good Things Collective in our studio. Packed full of self published booklets, essays, art zines, locally produced community-focused magazines and our growing collection of social action focussed books.

Community Voices: Disclaimer

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