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Good Things Auction 2021

Sunday 1st August 8pm – Sunday 8th August 8pm

From its very beginnings as The Exchange Creative Community 6 years ago, The Good Things Collective was aware that local artists, makers and creatives working together matters.  Feedback from people participating in collaborations or simply developing their ideas alongside each other has shown how important this is to our wellbeing and in creating a sense of community and place. 

Our creative community is seriously talented – moreover, and crucially, it is a community that cares, putting in long hours to help make the town a better place and working together to create creative opportunities that are inclusive and welcoming when it is felt there are few and far between here in Morecambe.  It has been so exciting to see previously undervalued and underused talents beginning to generate a living as we work to ensure the creative community and economy is valued and sustainable and here for years to come.  After all, art is work, and these guys work hard!

We realise that having somewhere to show and sell work is key to the development of the Collective and the development of the local creative sector.  We have spent several months co-creating a new collective sales platform for members of the collective that aims to showcase the best of local talent, aiming to reach a wide audience that is pleasurable for buyer and seller alike.  In order to help us in the next phase of development our growing creative community have generously contributed pieces of their work to an online auction to help us invest in getting this off the ground.  Once again we progress through mutual assistance.

A huge thank you to our fantastic contributing artists that continually inspire us with their talents, kindness and generosity:

Andy Morris | Beki Melrose | Charlotte Done | Emma Wareing | Geraldine Snape | Graham Dean | Hannah Corbett | Hannah Fox | Hazel Leech | Hilli McManus | James Attwood | Jo Bambrough | Lidia Ranns Macari | Lin Dean | Lynn Snowdon | Lynne Rees | Lynne Shaw | Magenta Monocle | Mark Leech | Michael Hodgkins | Molly Bland | Neil Wraight | Slithy Tove (Bil Bas) | Rosie Tacon-Glass | Roy C Watson | Ruth Zanoni Roskell | Sean Keef

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