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Friday 30 September - 3 November 2022

Better Than Reality - An Exhibition by Hannah Corbett

Although, as a child, art was always Hannah’s favourite subject, she didn’t return to her passion until Covid was upon the nation in 2020.


At that time she had just completed in pencil a couple of portraits which were well received. Therefore when lockdown brought a temporary end to her job in hospitality, the hiatus provided an opportunity to explore more fully her artistic talents. With fine liners she completed some illustrations of Durham for her mother – she was especially drawn to places and buildings and often spent time by Lancaster Castle as a break
from the madness of the pandemic. Hannah realised that she had enough ability to turn her art into a business, and soon all her energies were being poured into her creativity.

At first everything was a steep learning curve – where to find the best printer, what paper to source. On Sundays, the only day she left her house during Covid, Hannah would show and sell her prints at Kanteena’s Krafty Flea Market. Just as lockdown was easing, she discovered The Good Things Collective, a Morecambe based arts and social outfit, at whose premises in the Arndale Centre she now has a studio space.

Her most exciting artistic adventure to date was being contacted from Hollywood on behalf of Jason Reitman, the director of Ghostbusters: Afterlife. He had seen, on her Etsy page, her fine-liner Firehouse Building (famous for its central inclusion in the original Ghostbusters
film) and wanted to use her drawing as a backdrop for a forthcoming movie press conference. Naturally, at first, she thought this might be a scam. Once the inquiry had been verified however, it became a mad rush producing prints to send off round the world. Naturally all of this gave Hannah’s endeavours a tremendous amount of validation.

Hannah uses inks, fineliners, pencils, marker pens, paints and spray paints. She always works from a photograph on account of the finished compositions requiring so much time and detail. She is very much a morning person – before the world has a chance to leak in. Patience, determination and an obsessive nature are all part of her character. She follows a
variety of artists on Instagram – among whom are James Hutton (@stitching_a_laugh_to_darkness) and Fábio Vermelho (@fabiovermelho).


In order to develop her outreach, Hannah aims to find more outlets who will stock her work. The speed of her progression continues to amaze all those who know her. In this exhibition she is absolutely thrilled finally to be able to display her original artwork.

Hannah is happy to take commissions – please feel free to approach her with any art inquiries.

If you want to follow Hannah’s amazing journey or purchase her work go to: on Instagram

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