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The Adventures of Colin the Toilet Troll - Issue 2

Hi Folks,

Any of you that have been to the The Exchange may have met Colin when paying a visit to the conveniences. Colin the toilet troll is the guardian of our toilet key, a bid from Wendy to prevent people from taking the key home with them and leaving everyone with crossed legs!

Now we've got to know him a little better, he seems to have come to life. Courtesy of Jules, Mark and Chris; two of our volunteers. For those who appreciate a spot of humour, please feel free to hop over to Colin the Toilet Troll's Facebook page and follow what he gets up to.

We particularly like this edition for it's laugh out loud impact.

Introducing The Adventures of Colin the Toilet Troll Issue 2: Colin the Art Critic

So, until recently Colin the Toilet Troll knew nothing about Art. But, here at the Exchange we love art and like to give people (and Toilet Trolls) the chance to see, make and create art. So we sent him on a quest. Now he thinks he is some sort of expert! Read Issue No.2 of ‘The Adventures of Colin the Toilet Troll’ and judge for yourself.

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