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Woohoo! Epic!

We know we’re good but we might be Epic!

A recent announcement from Voluntary Arts England has explained that we’ve made the shortlist. I know, I know, it’s all terribly exciting. There will be Epic Award winners announced at the ceremony decided by the panel and then, drum roll… The people’s choice award!

Go check out the other fantastic groups working across the country here. So very inspiring and pretty humbling to be stacked amongst them in this shortlist. These awards set about by Voluntary Arts to celebrate the achievements of voluntary arts groups across the UK and Republic of Ireland, by recognising the skill, innovation and hard work that goes into their activities. The energy and buzz is more than enough to keep The Exchange thriving day to day we all know that but to have been recognised and acknowledged on a wider scale is pretty brilliant!

I don’t know if you’re all aware but there’s a lot of people that make The Exchange Creative Community what it is day to day. 18 core volunteers and a heck of a lot more that help out as and when. Then there’s all the fabulous community members that come and join us for fun times and cups of tea giving the place the vibe it’s earned.

What is amazing too is the ever growing list of local talent getting involved in anything from selling work with us to facilitating second Saturday workshops. We’re constantly overwhelmed by what this area has to offer. So much so we have to keep growing. So, this shortlisting is for all of these wonderful people. We think you’re brilliant!

So if you like what we do and you think what’s happening in Morecambe is Epic then please head over to to vote for us today!

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