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2023 Diary Dates for Members and Friends of GTC.

2022 was a hectic year but we did it. So first and foremost, happy new year to all our extended family, and a huge thanks for all your hard graft (which seemed to get harder as the year progressed). We're working round the clock through January to get this year of to a good strong start and thought we better get some dates in the collective calendar before all the keen beans fill it up!

We're looking to get the pilot for the new booking system off the ground from February, and make sure we're all able to start contributing the maintenance and operations of the studio & wider collective. So now is a great time to think about where your skills lie, and where you feel best able to contribute.

So first and foremost - we are introducing bi-monthly Studio Forums. We'd like to encourage any regular studio users to come along, but it will also be useful for any of our members who are interested in studio based projects this year. These get togethers will focus on smooth running of the space, the credit & booking system as well as a chance to touch base of all core GTC work.

These will take place on a Wednesday afternoon, from 12:30 - 2:30pm.

8th Feb / 5th Apr / 7th Jun / 9th Aug / 11th Oct

Next up - we know that spending time and sharing food is a vital part of the collective creative process - so we're brining back the Members Meals (for members & friends of the GTC). We'll be setting up a rota so we can share the hosting & cooking duties for these get togethers, but the focus here will be on building strong relationships and getting to know each other better. Much tastier and more informal than the forums.

These will take place bi-monthly on a Wednesday evening; from 5:30 - 8pm.

8th Mar / 10th May / 5th Jul / 6th Sept / 8th Nov

Our Christmas Party for those that can't wait to know, is planned for the 6th December!

Food for Thought:

Exhibitions & Events - Are you interested in a slot of the studio exhibition programme this year? Or do you have an idea for a collective show?

Studio - Any suggestions for the smooth running of the studio?

FairGround - We're starting to explore a new project idea building on the success of the Cooperation Street project, how we can encourage people to think and learn through creating engaging interactive fairground themed activities. As ever, we're keen to make sure the concept remains led by your ideas and inspiration but we'll be actively developing this proposal over the next month.

Creative West End - all the dates for CWE network events and markets is now online. We'll be looking to test out our projects at CWE markets but you might all have lots of other things in mind as well. So check out this blog post and get the dates in your diaries.



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