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Elie Coaching Kit Qualification Approved!

We're delighted to have approval that the Community Enterprise Coaching Kit will be accredited to Level 3 in partnership with Lancaster and Morecambe College and Lancaster University.

Steps to completion, certification and qualification:

There are several different pathways you can choose when deciding to use the Community Enterprise Coaching Kit.

Option1: You can complete the specific modules via online learning that suit your learning needs or you can complete the whole programme independently.

Option 2:

You can enrol with the local college to gain an externally recognised Level 3 coaching qualification based upon your learning from the Elie 2 Community Enterprise Coaching Kit. There is an application process with the college which will have an ‘eligibility for funding’ criteria that you must meet for the qualification to be free of charge. If you earn less than £18,000 a year otherwise there will be a fee and you must live in an LA postcode.

Option 3: You can opt out of the college enrolment and gain an ELIE - Community Enterprise Coaching Kit completion certificate from Lancaster Univeristy to add to your CV.

There are 8 modules to the Community Enterprise Coaching Kit:

  1. Becoming a Confident Community Enterprise Coach

  2. Live Project Identification, Recruitment and Management

  3. Providing Support, Advice and Guidance to People with Additional Needs or Vulnerable to Social Exclusion

  4. Developing and Maintaining Networks for Enterprise

  5. Working with External Stakeholders

  6. Identification of Additional Services for Enterprise Support

  7. Moral and Ethical Issues in Working With Groups Vulnerable to Social Exclusion

  8. Building Peer Support Networks for Enterprise Coaches



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